Kampong Chhnang Tourism Website


Kampong Chhnang is a province well known for its fine clay pottery. The name of the province says it all in Khmer; Kampong Chhnang means "Port of Pottery". The people of this province enjoy making pots, vases and various others types of ceramics during the off harvest seasons.

Interesting sights include two floating villages and a hamlet famous for its distinctive pottery.

The quiet village of Ondong Rossey, is where the area's famous red pottery is made. Almost every household along this stretch of about 7km ride west of town through serene rice fields dotted with sugar palms, is making some form of pottery or so. The pots, mostly unpainted but decorated with etched or appliqué designs, are either made with a foot-spun wheel (smaller pieces) or banged into shape with a heavy wooden spatula (larger ones). It is interesting to watch the pots being made.

A short boat ride from the waterfront takes you to two amazing floating villages; Phoum Kandal to the east and Chong Kos to the northwest. Many of the people here are ethnic Vietnamese. Here floating on the water, they have all the amenities a mainland village would have - houses, shops, vendors, petrol station and even a mosque.